Volunteering in the children’s village „Tani – Perspectives for children in Cambodia“

In Austria, as they turn 18, every male adolescent has to either serve in the army for six months or do an alternative service in the community, called civil service („Zivildienst“) for nine months. It is also possible to do the latter abroad, which takes three months longer. There are humanitarian projects all over the world that young Austrians can apply for. Many adolescents decide to work abroad because they want to gather new experiences, get to know other countries and cultures and broaden their horizon. The children’s village „Tani – Perspectives for children in Cambodia“ offers places for Austrian civil servants each year. Also young women and volunteers with work experience are very welcome in Tani. The organization sending the volunteers is the Internationale Freiwilligeneinsätze CÖ gGmbH. Additional information can be found here: www.internationalerfreiwilligeneinsatz.at

If you are interested please send your application to Johannes Thurnher info@tani.at

Current volunteers:

Raffael Wendlinger (2018/19)My name is Raffael Wendlinger and I was born and raised in Graz. After attending 4 years to a middle school i found my passion to tinker and switched to a higher technical college with the focus on mechanical engineering. After my 13 years of school education I wanted a change of scenery and applied for a position in the children’s village Tani. I am mainly responsible for the English and computer lessons but will also help our children’s village director wherever I can. I am looking forward to an exciting year filled with new experiences! Raffael Wendlinger My name is Lisa Panhuber. I am originally from Upper Austria but I spent the last 8 years in Vienna and Munich. After I finished my studies at university, I started working at a public relations agency for companies mainly in the organic food sector. For this reason, I will take over tasks such as writing texts, organizing the website and social media, besides teaching and office work, during my eight months in Tani. Moreover, I have been working a lot on sustainability projects both at university and in companies. I hope that I will be able to contribute good ideas and projects in this field in Tani as well.  Lisa Tamina Panhuber Austrian volunteer in Cambodia

Hermann Gmeiner

 "I know nothing better to help a child, than to give him a mother, siblings, a house and a village."

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The aim of the project "Tani - perspectives for children in Cambodia" is to offer orphans and children in need a life in a secure home,
access to education and the possibility to grow up in a child-oriented environment.