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Dear readers, We don’t mention any of our children by name on our homepage for security reasons. Those children, who still have relatives in Cambodia, are given the chance to visit them occasionally. Also, those relatives come to visit the children’s village as often as possible. We are happy for our children, that they are still in touch with the family that they have. „Tani – perspectives for children in Cambodia“ is working in accordance with

•    the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

•    the Cambodian constitution

•    the Cambodian laws to protect children

•    positive Cambodian traditions

Hermann Gmeiner

 "I know nothing better to help a child, than to give him a mother, siblings, a house and a village."

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The aim of the project "Tani - perspectives for children in Cambodia" is to offer orphans and children in need a life in a secure home,
access to education and the possibility to grow up in a child-oriented environment.