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The board of director’s of the association “Tani – perspectives for children in Cambodia” supports the team in Cambodia from Austria and Germany. They have been securing the financial stability of the project for 10 years now. From left to right: Gabi Thurnher (cashier), Johannes Thurnher (chairman), Ursula Beyer (responsible for the godparents and chairwoman in Germany), Martin Tumler (advisor), Sabine Tumler (chairwoman). Since 2018 Linde Breininger is part of the board of directors and supports the children’s village as health representative.  

Hermann Gmeiner

 "I know nothing better to help a child, than to give him a mother, siblings, a house and a village."

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The aim of the project "Tani - perspectives for children in Cambodia" is to offer orphans and children in need a life in a secure home,
access to education and the possibility to grow up in a child-oriented environment.