Six days a week the children attend school – but they still find enough time for free time activities. Sport, Music, entertainment – everyone finds their favourite. The sporty kids love playing volleyball, football or climbing on palm trees. The Tani football team holds regular training sessions to improve their skills. From time to time they compete with other teams on the football field behind the high school. Our creative kids show their skills while crafting and painting or building new furniture with wood and metal. Many children have a talent for music. They plan the keyboard, the drums or the guitar – everyone can practice their favourite instrument. One of our kids also mixes his own music. The children village is home to many different characters with various strengths and weaknesses. We are happy to offer them a place where they can experient with their talents and develop themselves further.

Hermann Gmeiner


„Ich weiß nichts Besseres, einem Kind zu helfen, als ihm eine Mutter zu geben, Geschwister zu geben, ein Haus, ein Dorf zu geben“


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Ziel des Projekts „Tani – Perspektiven für Kinder in Kambodscha“ ist es Waisen- und bedürftigen Kindern ein Leben in einem sicheren Zuhause, Zugang zu Bildung und ein kindergerechtes Aufwachsen zu ermöglichen.